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Our mission

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The best storytellers are the ones with the most to tell. The ones who’ve already lived entire lives before our own. The ones filled with more wisdom and knowledge than we’ll ever know—unless we have a way to stop and listen. Join TaleGate as we celebrate the remarkable lives of older adults, capture their stories, and share what they have to offer with the world.

Pull Up A Chair

Join our TaleGate parties as we roll out the red carpet and design unique experiences for senior living communities throughout the country, all with the goal of capturing the narratives of older adults whose stories deserve to be heard. We’ll record stories in our high-end studio: A remodeled 42-foot trailer specifically designed to capture each journey of a lifetime in exquisite detail.  

Partnership with Saltbox TV

Because you deserve a chance to smile and reflect on the marvelous icons among us, TaleGate will be producing a reality show for the stories you need to see to believe. These are the older adults who’ve impacted the lives of many just by living their own. Host Jack York will help demonstrate the effect these people have had on others and just how much they’ve changed the world with a surprise reveal at the end of each episode.

Thanks for Stopping By

With your help, TaleGate will elevate the lives of elders one story at a time. The lessons learned, the magic captured, these amazing moments in life that would otherwise go untold and unheard, will be shared in our social posts and TV episodes. We hope you laugh, we hope you’re moved, we hope you enjoy. We’re excited to share this journey with you.

We're shocked

We're shocked too!

Season 1 of TaleGate is nearly sold out!
If you have a story to tell, contact us! Learn More >

Season 1 of TaleGate is nearly sold out!
If you have a story to tell, contact us!

Learn More >